Pharmacy Bag Campaign Sumner County

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Pharmacy Bag Campaign Sumner County

By Justin Sweatman-Weaver

Sumner County Anti Drug Coalition Executive Director


One of the key elements to disseminating information en masse is to integrate it into the everyday lives of our audiences. By identifying commonplace activities that most or all people must take part in and designing messaging that is relevant to the time and place, we capture their attention. 


A visit to the pharmacy is fairly routine activity for many Tennesseans. Sumner County Anti-Drug recently began working with a printing company and our local Kroger Pharmacies (all 5 of them!) to design customized pharmacy bags that are loaded with information about prescription drug safety. 


The content shared on the bags includes the notable and startling prescription drug statistics that all prevention professionals can recite from memory (51 hydrocodone for everyone over 12!), information about the Take Only As Directed campaign, and the Tennessee Redline number. On the flipside of the bag, we shared an instructive description of the Count It, Lock It, Drop It campaign coupled with the locations of our local drug disposal bins. 


So far we have cycled batches of these bags through two Kroger Pharmacies with three more scheduled to begin on July 1. Within 6 months of starting this initiative, we will distribute these very informative bags to 200,000 households. 

Here are illustrations of each side of the pharmacy bag: 


Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 12.23.31 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 12.24.09 PM