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The Prevention Alliance of Tennessee has released its fourth white paper on coalition sustainability. It is the result of the study “Assessing Benefits and Costs of Prevention: Utilization of Environmental Strategies to Reduce Substance Abuse and the Burden of Public Spending” conducted by Stephanie Strutner, Sarah Harrison, Stacey Pratt, and Wayne Stevenson (2015). This study was created on the request of CADCA as a way to estimate the benefit to cost ratio of prevention and the burden of substance abuse at the local level. This white paper helps build  a strong case for the way local coalitions who engage in environmental strategies are able to create a high return on investment. Use the information within these white pages to encourage legislators to support substance abuse prevention coalitions.

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Benefit: cost analyses are critical for long-term survival of coalitions because there is an impending threat to the value of true universal prevention. Coalitions must continue to vie for available funds, to save both money and lives. Using benefit: cost analyses provide empirical, quantifiable evidence of the effectiveness of environmental prevention strategies and are, therefore, imperative to the sustainability of substance abuse prevention coalitions. The team conducting the study will be happy conduct a local analysis for coalitions in the state provided they assist in data collection. Selection will occur on a first come first serve basis. Requests should be made to PAT by emailing