One voice for Tennessee’s substance abuse prevention efforts – 

The Prevention Alliance of Tennessee (PAT) is a public health nonprofit working to create healthier a Tennessee by reducing the burden of substance abuse. PAT’s core membership is comprised of over 50 Coalition members who tackle substance abuse issues in their own counties across the state. Together, our alliance fosters collaboration and leverages resources to enhance environmental strategies and targeted statewide services in the fields of substance abuse prevention and public health. PAT Coalitions implement data-driven and evidence-based programs across the state, helping build Tennessee’s capacity to create stronger, healthier communities, families and individuals.

PAT keeps you updated on proposed policies and policy implementation, from grassroots to state level, and engages stakeholders to advocate for substance abuse issues and policy change. Additionally, we educate on the latest research and reports, develop skills through training and technical assistance, and provide support to create community and state level change.

Core Values:

Coalition Empowerment · Collective Voice ·  Collaboration ·  Trusted Source

Best Practices ·  Preventing Drug Abuse/Misuse ·  Solution Centered


By joining together, we intend to:

Strengthen capacity and infrastructure in support of substance abuse prevention in Tennessee;

Inform and advocate for alcohol safety, substance abuse prevention and public health policy concerns to Tennesseans and lawmakers;

Coordinate the implementation of substance abuse prevention environmental strategies.